Rebuild Our New Home at Luk Wu Together


March 29, 2021

Dear Sangha members,

Greetings from the monks and nuns of Plum Village HK & AIAB.

In November 2019, the monastic sangha was very joyful to receive a small house from three venerable nuns at Luk Wu area on Lantau Island. The house is surrounded by mountains, trees, birds, and open sky, offering a unique place to heal and transform our body and mind. With our presence at Luk Wu Village — an old Buddhist village with more than 100 years of history — we can together cultivate mindful, peaceful, and joyful energies and connect monastics of different traditions practicing in the village. The house will serve as our new home, in addition to the Lotus Pond Temple for the nuns and Bamboo Forest Temple for the monks in Ngong Ping. It offers us more space for Sangha practice and mini-retreat for lay friends.  See picture of the house enclosed within the boundary below. It is 4km from Ngong Ping.






However, the house we received was built in the 1950s, so an extensive renovation is needed to ensure the safety and wellness of the visitors and create suitable living conditions for retreatants, requiring a complete re-do of the water and power supply systems and relocation of kitchen and toilets. Meanwhile, the addition of a new meditation hall is exceptionally challenging as it requires total removal and restoration of the aged ceiling seriously damaged by termites and water leaks. Adding to the complexity and building and maintenance costs to the project is our commitment to preserving the Buddhist heritage of the building. We will retain the traditional tile-roof design of the house, rarely seen and precious nowadays, while meticulously repairing the corroded historic structure made of locally-carved sandstone.

How to support?

Our Teacher Thay always encourages us to build sangha, to spread the joy of Dharma. The monastics, therefore, are humbly asking for your support for the project to benefit all future Buddhas. There are two ways to support:

1. Join the monastics’ “Do it by Ourselves” campaign to practice mindful working on painting and flooring, outdoor landscaping, etc. To sign up, please contact Sr. Tu Nghiem at

2. We need to raise HK$2.3 million for the renovation. You can offer a donation via the following ways:

  1. Faster  Payment  System  (FPS)at FPS identifier: 8104739 (”The Plum Village Foundation (H.K.) LTD” will be shown with the identifier input),

  1. Bank transfer at Bank of East Asia:
    Account Name:       The Plum Village Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited
    Account #:             015-191-404000216 
    For TT transfer:       Swift Code: BEA SHK HH
    Bank address:         Bank of East Asia, Waterloo Road Branch, 
                                  Shop A, G/F, Richland House,
                                  77B & 77C Waterloo Road, Kowloon, 
                                  Hong Kong SAR

iii)        Write a cheque to The Plum Village Foundation Hong Kong Limited” and send it to Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Please put your name and state that it is for Luk Wu House as the reference or message to payee for the transaction (e.g. Happy Smile for Luk Wu House). Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible with a valid receipt. If a receipt is needed, please send a screenshot of the transaction record with your name and mailing address to Sr. Tu Nghiem at, mobile phone/WhatsApp: +(852) 6871-7872.

May you be peaceful and happy,

The monks and nuns of Plum Village Hong Kong & AIAB









1) 參與出家眾「我們一起建設」的活動,與梅村的法師們一起修習正念工作:清理地,清理和美化外的環境等。報名請聯絡:修嚴法師

2) 捐款支持

a) 可通過「轉數快」(FPS)過數。「快速支付系統識別碼」:8104739


The PlumVillageFoundationHongKongLimited;

b) 銀行過數:東亞銀行戶囗:015-191-404000216


c) 郵寄支票抬頭請寫:ThePlumVillageFoundationHongKong Limited

然後寄到:大嶼山昂坪村蓮池寺香港梅村修嚴法師收(請注明你的名字及      支票用途:支持建設鹿湖小屋

一百元以上捐款可有收據申請退稅。如有此需要,請屏幕截圖交易記錄,注明你的名字和地址後傳給修嚴法師, 手機/WhatsApp: +(852) 6871-7872