May 10, 2021

Dear friends,

Wish you are doing fine.

“Rebuild our new home at Luk Wu together” Project is now in full swing.  Due to the substantial costs for renovation, in order to make our dream comes true, the second phase of fundraising has just started. Please check here for more details on "Rebuild our new home at Luk Wu together" Project.

At the same time, monastic started to prepare libraries for these houses.  When friends come and practice, they can also learn Thay’s teaching through his books.  If you read Thay’s books and may want to practice ‘break away’.  You want to find new owner for these books.  Now, it is the chance.  

If you have any book (not magazine) from Thay Thich Nhat Hanh, or any book written by the Plum Village monastic (for example, Sister Chan Khong, Sister Dang Nghiem, Brother Phap Hai…) or Plum Village sangha, (Chinese, English or Vietnamese), book donations are welcome.

Please email us the name of the book to  We will contact you later.  We wish this activity can protect the forest and helpThay to spread the Dharma.

Breathe & Smile,

Rain of Compassion Sangha