Christmas Celebration at AIAB - Lotus Pond Temple

In Europe and America, during Christmas and New Year's Holiday Season, many practitioners come to Plum Village France or to other Plum Village practice centers such as Deer Park Monastery, Blue Cliff Monastery ... in the USA, European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Germany to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Holidays with the community. In Plum Village France, about 600 - 700 people come during the two weeks of Dec 21 - Jan 4 every year.

You are warmly invited to join our Annual Buddhist Christmas Celebration in the Plum Village Tradition at AIAB. You are welcome to bring with you a favorite Christmas Song, Song in the spirit of giving, Poem, a Favorite folktale or Story to share during the performances. If you have an instrument, you can bring it along with you to offer a piece.

The Event Schedule

Christmas Day : December 25, 2014


Walking Mediation


Dharma Talk




Total Relaxation




Fare Well

If you would like to join the event, please send an email to and advise us number of friends, any performance …

Hope to see you on the Christmas Day.


Breathe & Smile,

AIAB Monks and Nuns