Dear Friends,

We have not been practicing together for sometime, due to Covid 19. The epidemic has called for a stop or a rest to the World, allowing us to be still, to look inside and to return to the Island within us. 

Especially in the time of fear and worry, we can easily be carried away by our thoughts and emotions. Our solidity, clarity and ability to be anchored in the here and now generated by the energy of Mindfulness will be a great gift to the world and ourselves.

Therefore, we will continue our Friday night together practice at a new venue: Zoom. We will start at 7.30pm so that you can enjoy a good dinner before joining. 

The flow of the night will be: 

Singing Meditation 15 mins
Sitting Meditation   15 mins 
Thay’s quotes        10 mins 

Since we have only 40 mins at Zoom, for those of you who are interested to practice Dharma Sharing, we will re-join the zoom meeting after the time limit. 

3 April will be our first Friday, we shall conduct in English,and the space allows 100 friends to join. 

Here is how we can register to the Zoom Friday Night Practice: 

Friends who are interested to join, please register at this link:, provide us your email address so that we can send you the Zoom invitation. 

In order to allow us all to benefit from the practice, we have these commitments: 

a. Please arrive at the Zoom Meeting 5 mins earlier to ensure of your connection. 

b. in order to nurture a serene and quiet environment for our practice, friends are invited to stay muted. 

c. You have a choice to turn on or off the video, but we are happy to see your face. 

Let us continue to cultivate the Mindfulness energy for all, start with us. We look forward to practicing with you on this coming Friday night. 

Breathe & Smile, 

PVHK Friday Night Practice Team