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Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart


Day of Mindfulness (one-day retreat)
Health Care and Human Service Professionals
from 9:30
to 16:30 on Saturdays Sept. 8  2012


at Centre on Behavioral Health, The University of Hong Kong



Zen Master Nhat Hanh and Plum Village Monastics
on the DOM for Health Care Professionalson Nov. 3rd 2010 at HKU


Register online at Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only 50 spaces available.


August 15, 2012

 Dear friends,

 You are invited to attend a Day of Mindfulness (DOM) for health care and human service professionals, co-organized by Centre on Behavioral Health HKU and PVFHK Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism (AIAB). This is the second DOM of the 3-day series of mindfulness practices for health care professionals. The first one was held on July 15 and the next one will be held on Nov. 10, 2012.

 If you did not attend the previous DOMs, it is helpful to view topics covered during the previous DOMs, because new materials will be based on previous ones. You can view recordings of previous lectures at

 In the day of mindfulness, we will learn the practice of going back to our breath, anchoring our mind in the in-breath and out-breath. We become calm and clear when the mind and body are together in one place, with the help of our mindful breath. We will practice listening to the bell, walking meditation, eating meditation, exercise meditation (mindful movements), and relaxing meditation (total relaxation) … We practice to stop, to slowdown the thinking in our mind via bodily actions. These are practices that help us deal with the restless energy when unpleasant feelings arise. We realize that things are not as bad as they look; that other beautiful elements of life are still there for us. This practice is called samatha meditation, or stopping/ calming down, in mindfulness practice.

 After calming down, we have a chance to look at things more objectively, without any aversion or attachments. We look at things the way they are. This is call vipassana (or insight) mediation in mindfulness practice. It is the practice where we cultivate wisdom to transform suffering into joy. We will learn how the mind works and look into the nature of our consciousness from the view points of Buddhist Psychology, as taught by the Manifestation Only (Vijnaptimatra) school, which has existed for about 2000 years. Knowing how the mind works can help us sail through life with ease.

 We will have chances to practice both stopping/calming down meditation and insight meditation as taught in the Discourse on Full Awareness of Breathing (Anapanasati Sutta) and the Discourse of the Four Establishment of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta). Through daily activities, we can cultivate mindfulness, concentration and insight, which enable us to live a life full of peace and joy.

 A sample programme schedule for the Day of Mindfulness is as follow:

9:30                 Sitting and Slow Walking Meditation (indoor)

10:30               Lecture

12:30               Lunch

13:30               Total Relaxation

14:30               Group Discussion

16:00               Walking Meditation (outdoor)

16:30               Farewell

Location:        Centre on Behavioral Health, The University of Hong Kong
2/F, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research,
5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


Fees:               HKD100.00 per day (including light vegetarian lunch and tea)

How to register:
Register online at, the Plum Village Foundation Hong Kong Website. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only 50 spaces available.

For more information, please contact us at Centre on Behavioral Health, e-mail:, Tel: (852) 2831 5163.

Breathe and Smile,

Sr. Hanh Nghiem (Sr. Adornment with Action), PVFHK Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism

Venus Wong, HKU Centre of Behavioral Health


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