Dear Friends, 


After months of online Friday Night Practice, we are happy to share with you that we will resume the regular practice in Central, starting on 3 July. Besides the practice at Central, the online together practice will continue as well. 


For our protection and to others, the centre will allow attendance up to 20 people, and conduct with the following measures: 
- all participants to wear a mask
- temperature check before entry 
- apply hand sanitizer before entry 


Please be invited to register here at these links:

Friday Night Practice @ Central (First come first serve for face-to-face practice) 

Online Friday Night Practice (cut off: July 3 noon) 


Our gratitude to you all for joining the practice and allowing us to cultivate mindfulness energy together, as a gift to ourselves and others.   Should you have any enquiry, please email us at

Breathe & Smile

Friday Night Practice Team
Rain of Compassion Sangha / AIAB