During the epidemic, all Plum Village centres are closed.  Hong Kong is the same.  All the activities in the temple or in town are suspended.  As to encourage and keep our practice, AIAB had Online Day of Mindfulness as from August 2020.  Hereunder are the video for you to review and practice.  The event was facilitated in English, some parts with Cantonese translation.



Day of Mindfulness  線上正念日
September 06, 2020 1:53:44          2020年9月6日 
Rose Ceremony (in gratitude to our parents)  玫瑰節 (送上我們的感恩給父母)

August 23, 2020    1:37:00                        20208月23 日

Day of Mindfulness  線上正念日

August 16, 2020     1:56:25                       20208月16 日


Day of Mindfulness  線上正念日

August 2, 2020  2:01:50                             20208月2日