Dear Friends,

You are welcome to join the Chinese New Year activities to celebrate the Year of Rat with us in AIAB.  Here are the details: 

January 24,  2020 Friday (30th of Lunar Month)      

16:00          Welcome guests

17:00          Orientation for New Friends

18:00          Dinner

19:30          Walking Meditation

20:30          Be-In (please prepare and share your happiness with us, e.g. a song, a peom, playing instruments)

22:00          Resting

23:30          Sitting Meditation & Welcome the New Year Ceremony 

January 25, 2020 Saturday (1st of Lunar Month)

10:00          Offering New Year Wishes & Oracle Reading at Lotus Pond Temple

12:00          Lunch (at Lotus Pond Temple)

14:30          Visiting Bamboo Forest Monastery (visit Brother’s room) & Offering New Year wishes to Brothers

18:00          Dinner (at Bamboo Forest Monastery)


January 26, 2020 Sunday (2nd of Lunar Month)

10:00          Sitting - Chanting & Oracle Reading at Bamboo Forest Monastery

12:00          Lunch (at Bamboo Forest Monastery)

14:30          Visiting Lotus Pond Temple (visit Sister’s room) & Offering New Year wishes to Sisters

18:00          Dinner (at Lotus Pond Temple)

You are welcome to join the above activities. Please email to and tell us 

(1) which date you will join, 

(2) how many person, 

(3) will join lunch / dinner or not, 

(4) will stay overnight after the New Year Ceremony or not.  

(5) if Yes, please let us know the number of male and female.  

If you stay overnight, we invite you to bring along your sleeping bed or bed sheet & pillow case in order to preserve the precious water in washing bed linens.  The suggested contribution for the night is $150.  

If you plan to leave after the New Year Ceremony on January 25, 2020 midnight, please arrange for own transportation.

Should you have any question, please email to

Breathe & Smile,