Taking refuge in Buddha Amitabha
in the wondrous ultimate dimension,
I devote my heart to returning to myself
and diligently maintaining mindfulness.
I vow to go for refuge to Buddha Amitabha.
I bow my head and ask to be received in his embrace.
Please bring your torch of light
to shine upon my mind, to offer guidance to my thoughts.
Please bring the boat of longevity
to carry my body so that I may live with peace and joy.
Please Buddha, always protect me.
Keep my mind attentive, ending wrong perceptions
so that all afflictions fall away.
With every step we take in solidity and freedom,
the Buddha is alive; we walk in the Pure Land.
Dwelling mindfully in the present moment,
with the Pure Land already a reality,
we are assured that the future will be filled with peace and
If we are able to recollect Amitabha
with undispersed, one-pointed mind,
we will witness the appearance of the nine lotus grades.
May we all live long,
knowing in advance the moment of our passing away,
dying with a mind that is calm and free,
and a body without sickness or pain.
May Buddha Amitabha be here with us now
with his holy assembly which bears the golden lotus.
Together, may we set out in freedom
to witness the opening of the lotus and the Buddha within.
May the Pure
Land forever be our home.
I bow my head and ask the Buddha to be witness
To my continuous efforts in the practice. (BB)