This series of Days of Mindfulness in Applied Ethics, help us to understand and take care of our own bodies and minds by applying mindfulness in our daily lives so that we can care for our suffering and nourish our joy.


正念修習日內容是依據梅村的應用倫理課程(Applied Ethics Course)而編,每月的正念修習日都有特定的主題 -- 如何在日常生活中修習正念以照顧/滋養身心,如何轉化痛苦,怎樣將正念修習帶入課室/教學環境等等。



Curriculum for Days of Mindfulness in HKiED in 2013

January 26th :  Breathe, you are alive,
                   Reducing tensions in the midst of stress 

                 February 23th : There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the way
                    Nourishing joy and happiness in our daily life

                 March 23th :  The goodness of suffering,
                Learning how to deal with our emotions

April 27th :  Be there for each other,
               Taking care of our relationship

May 18th :   Cultivating Peace and Happiness in Schools

          DOM with Thay and the International Plum Village Sangha

June 22th :  I am in Love with Mother Earth
               Global Ethic for a healthy and sustainable society

August 24th : There is no way Home, Home is the way
                 Bringing mindfulness in the classroom

September 28th:  Happy teachers will change the World, 
                           Building communities in school