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Online Friday Night Practice 網上星期五共修

Friday Night Practice @ Central is a bi-weekly mindfulness practice with Plum Village tradition. Friday Night Practice is a “lite” mindful practicein town, allowing you to practice and nourish your mindfulness with the Sangha after a busy week.  Since the epidemic, we practice together through internet. 

The Friday Night Practice is held on the 1st(in English) and the 3rd(in Cantonese) Friday of each month.  

The day before this Friday Night Practice is the Autumn Festival.  In Plum Village Hong Kong, the monastic will celebrate with friends in Lotus Pond Temple, Ngong Ping in Autumn Festival.  We practice walking meditation with lantern; having performance from monastic and lay friends while enjoining the full moon, tea, mooncake; enjoin being with friends.  This year is a special one.  We (lay sangha) celebrate online.  We will have tea meditation, enjoy mooncake, read a poem, share your joy, sharing your hand made lantern singing song… anything you want to share during this special festival.  Please come and join us.  



October 2, 2020



1900 - 2100






Please note:

1.  Registration window will be closed by 2200 on October 1, 2020.  A confirmation email will be sent to you. 

2. Please arrive at the Zoom Meeting 5 minutes earlier.  If you never use Zoom, we suggest to try it out prior.  

3. In order to nurture a serene and quiet environment for our practice, we will pre-set everyone to ‘mute’.  You are invited to stay “mute”, unless you have to share in the Dharma Sharing session. 

4.  You have a choice to turn on or off the “video” (showing your face), but we are happy to see your face. 

We look forward practicing with you in Friday Night Practice.

Breathe & Smile,

Friday Night Practice team

Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism / Plum Village Hong Kong

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