Dear Friends,


Monastics of Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism, Plum Village Hong Kong, are happy to invite you to Sunday Day of Mindfulness and Rose Festival on coming Sunday, August 22, 2021.

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About the Rose Ceremony

In the West we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to celebrate the presence of our parents in our lives. The Rose Ceremony is a tradition that Thầy began after a visit to Japan. While in Tokyo some Japanese students pinned a carnation on Thầy’s robe. On Mother’s day, it is their custom to wear a red flower on the lapel when your mother is still alive, and a white one if she is no longer alive. In Vietnam (and other Asian countries) there is a tradition to celebrate the Ullambana Ceremony, which is an occasion to commemorate Venerable Maudgalyayana for his expression of filial love – rescuing his Mother from the Hell realm. Every year, as part of the Plum Village tradition we celebrate both the Ullambana and the Rose Ceremony together. It is an opportunity to pay respect and offer gratitude to our parents for their love and care throughout our lives. This is special as it is a time when you can reflect on and appreciate the good seeds that your parents have passed on to you, whether they are still alive or have already passed away.


The full schedule will be as follow:

09:30   Orientation for New Friends

10:00   Walking Meditation

10:45   Dharma Talk

11:30   Rose Festival

      Sitting Meditation

      Incense Offering

      Touching the Earth

      Opening Verse

      Chanting: the Insight That Bring Us To The Other Shore

      Musical Offering

      Introductory Words

      Reading of A Rose For Your Pocket

      Singing the song A Rose For Your Pocket

      Love letter to parents

      Pinning the Roses

      Sharing the Merit

13:15   Picnic Lunch (due to the Government's regulation, we cannot provide meal in the temple.  Please bring your own lunch or go to Ngong Ping Village to enjoy your lunch)

14:30   Dharma Sharing


Please register here.  Registration window will be opened on August 18, 22:00 until August 20, 2021 22:00.  No confirmation will be sent.


We look forward seeing you that day.


A lotus for you, 

AIAB Monastics