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Wake Up Day of Mindfulness in Luk Wu (28/8)鹿湖青年正念日(28/8)

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After the first Wake Up Day of Mindfulness at Luk Wu, we've learnt the four elements of True  Love : Loving kindness, compassion, joy and equality.  Do we feel that we are capable of loving ourselves and others with understanding?  Do we understand our deepest desire, our needs for happiness as well as the root of suffering in ourselves?  Do we truly understand our loved ones?  Here is another episode of learning the art of cultivating the mind of love.  Grasp this chance to grow our understanding and our love for ourselves and our loved ones.


Date: 28 August 2021(Sat)
Time: 09:30 - 16:45
Venue: ***Luk Wu Infinite Light Temple***
Target participants: Anyone whose age is 18-35
Price: Free
Registration form:
Directions to the venue: (English) (Chinese)


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09:30 Arrival at temple
10:00 Walking meditation
11:00 Short sitting meditation
11:15 Singing meditation
11:30 Sharing from Brothers and Sisters
12:30 Lunch meditation (in small groups)
13:30 Total relaxation
14:30 Dharma sharing
16:00 Hiking around the village (if the weather is nice)
16:45 End of DOM