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快樂工作的藝術 The Art of Being Happy at Work】

We know that working is a very important part of our life. Every day we work 8-10 hours. For many of us, working time is not enjoyable and can even be a source of suffering. So how to enjoy our working is a challenge for everyone, especially for young people. 

這次「快樂工作的藝術」禪營中,我們有機會學習 :
In this retreat “The art of being happy at work” we will have a chance to learn:

1. 工作間生起喜樂的方法 The art of generating Joy and Happiness at work 

2. 面對和轉化困難痛苦的方法 The art of handling and transforming our difficulties and suffering at work (stressful, communication with coworkers and your Boss, low energy at work ....)

3. 營造快樂工作環境的方法 The art of creating happy working environment

覺醒小組年齡 Wake Up Group age:18 至 to 35 歲

人數上限 maximum participant: 30 名

日期: 連續三個星期六,11月6, 13, 及20日,敬請全程出席
Date: On 3 consecutive Saturdays, 6th Nov, 13rd Nov and 20th November, please join all sessions

地點 Venue:
大嶼山鹿湖無量光 Infinite Light, Luk Wu, Lantau 
指引 Directions to the venue: (中文) (English)

時間表 Schedule:
  9:30 到達寺院 Arriving at temple
10:00 行禪 Walking meditation 
11:00 坐禪 Short sitting meditation 
11:15 唱歌禪 Singing meditation 
11:30 僧眾分享 (每次不同主題)Sharing from Monks and Nuns (every time a different topic )
12:30 休息 Break
13:30 深度放鬆 Total relaxation
14:30 佛法分享(每次不同主題)Dharma sharing ( every time a different topic )
16:00 村落附近遠足 Hiking around the Village (if the weather is nice)
16:45 離開 Leaving

價錢 Fee:
$1000 (Special offer 50% discount for students), three-day costs included, to be paid on site by cash. The fee will support the activity expenses, operation of the temple and renovation of temple in Luk Wu. Extra donation is welcome.

報名 Registration:

歡迎聯絡我們查詢 Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries: 


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