Dear friends,

You are welcomed to AIAB again to join this year's Mid-Autumn Festival held at the Lotus Pond Temple on Saturday, September 14, 2019.

It will be a very joyful day for the AIAB monastics and friends to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together.

Coming here, you and your family can celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in a peaceful and joyful environment. With lanterns in our hands, we will enjoy our walking meditation under the full moon light around Ngong Ping village, so quiet at night. If you have a lantern of your own that you like to bring here to contribute to the beauty of colors and shapes of the festival, please do not hesitate.

If you, your children, as a family can play some music or sing some happy Mid-Autumn’s songs that you wish to offer to the joyful, homely atmosphere of the Festival, we are more than happy to register your act as a performance for the celebration. We give priority to the children's performances in the spirit of encouraging them and offering our care to their enthusiasm to being so naturally radiant and joyful. To be safed, we highly recommend you to stay overnight after the celebration. The suggested cost for one night is HKD150.  If you need to go back to town, please arrange your transportation.  


The schedule  September 14, 2019 is as follow:

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Moon Walking Meditation with Lantern

20:30 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

21:45 Program Ends

If you are coming to join with us, please email us at on or September 13, 2019 telling us how many people will join (1) dinner; (2) staying overnight (male & female).

We are looking forward to seeing you and celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with you and your family soon.

A lotus for you,

The AIAB monastic brothers and sisters